Self Assembly how far is it from reality?

Well apparently self assembly is not that far from becoming a thing science fiction to becoming a technology available to designers in the near future. I remember reading about a similar technology in William Gibsons’ Neuromancer. At the time, I thought to myself how cool would that be if we could program a building onContinue reading “Self Assembly how far is it from reality?”

Containing Sports and Water

Containing Sports and Water  Upon understanding how to contain sports and water in a building, the section, or profile, assumes a strong role as an organizing device.  In this recreation center proposal, the program is arranged on three stacked planes each defined through specific program needs and surface requirements and organized as water or non-waterContinue reading “Containing Sports and Water”

Rethinking the Kitchen

            Rethinking the Kitchen This project explores the re-organization and renovation of an existing building, originally designed as an ice storage facility in the Chelsea district of New York, to house the Kitchen performance art center, a small hotel, a bar, and a video and media salon. By studying existingContinue reading “Rethinking the Kitchen”

Conceptual Design for a Lab Building

Conceptual Design for a Lab Building A design proposal based on the premise that the Lab building is created from the base module of a research office which is multiplied, manipulated and modified to create various office/lab combinations, office/office combinations, or lab/lab combinations. Public and semi public space is carved out of the remaining modules.