Rethinking the Kitchen









Rethinking the Kitchen

This project explores the re-organization and renovation of an existing building, originally designed as an ice storage facility in the Chelsea district of New York, to house the Kitchen performance art center, a small hotel, a bar, and a video and media salon.

By studying existing and outdated technologies found in and around the urban context of the proposed site, one can post ways in which these structures ( the Highline and the ice storage facility) might adapt to the introduction of new technologies. Informed by earlier adaptations, the proposal takes ideas about how to adapt the scale, spatial qualities, construction technology, materiality, and program required for meeting the project’s objectives.

The main goal of this proposal is to see how the project can make use of old, as well as new, building techniques and technologies, to build an identity for the Kitchen. This proposal also addresses the question of how structure and infrastructure can be combined to allow outdated and new technologies to support and inform one another.


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