Self Assembly how far is it from reality?

Well apparently self assembly is not that far from becoming a thing science fiction to becoming a technology available to designers in the near future. I remember reading about a similar technology in William Gibsons’ Neuromancer. At the time, I thought to myself how cool would that be if we could program a building on the computer, then tiny particles would be given instructions and assemble themselves into a structure. Imagine the possibilities, what this could mean for the built environment. What if those same particles could then be reprogrammed while they are assembled and move around and change the whole composition of the structure! That was the stuff of science fiction which I thought would never happen within my lifetime. Well I guess this means technology does move a lot faster then we can imagine, with the research being done today by Skylar Tibbits of MIT and Arthur Olson of the Scripps Research Institute, we are well on the road to creating self assembling structures and eventually to buildings that create themselves. To read more about their research, visit their website at Bio-Molecular Self-Assembly.


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