APE Installation

APE Installation – For a week, the lobby of the Harvard Graduate School of Design was transformed with hundreds of plastic ET figurines spelling out the name of an experimental student publication – APE.


In collaboration with Bill Yen and Garrick Jones, the message was simple, APE was not the typical studio publication.

APE was created to challenge the traditional conventions of the design studio culture.


The exhibit was created by using hundreds of plastic ET figures adhered to a wall painted the exact color of the figurines.


By the end of the week, the ET figures could be found scattered throughout the design studios, as students collected pieces as they fell off the wall.

Event Space – Game Environment

Event Space – A virtual environment created for a computer game.


The game begins with the player walking into a room filled with silver coated creatures suspended on long slender legs.


As the player enters the room, the creatures begin to move around, following the player’s every step.


They move closer and closer and until the player can see himself reflected in its glossy surface.


Then suddenly from behind, one creeps over and swallows the player, transporting him into another world.


The player discovers that he is trapped in a golden room.


At the end of the room there are a series of carefully displayed pulsating blobs.


In order for the player to escape the room, he must interact with each blob and release each misfit trapped inside the blob.



West Texas will always remain a part of my creative influence. Growing up in this part of the country, I will always cherish the dry dusty landscape, the connection to the horizon, and the sudden shift from extremely horizontal landscapes to the extremely vertical cuts created deep in the limestone earth canyons.

Digital Explorations

Part of my artistic agenda is to constantly experiment with various forms of mixed media. The most recent form of experimentation includes a mixture of digital photography and digitized hand sketches. The backgrounds of the images have been taken from photos captured with an iPhone, while riding the train.